The Braintree Historical Society

The Braintree Historical Society was founded in 1930 and incorporated in 1938. It was started largely through the efforts of Mrs. Sophie Thayer Blunt, who, for many years both before and after the founding, was the leading spirit in the appreciation of the town and its history.

The Rev. John C. Poland was the first President of the Society. A number of the early members had been members of the Quincy Historical Society which was founded in 1893 for all of old Braintree. 

During the early years, the activities of the Society, with Dr. Stacy B. Southworth, a noted historian, and Mrs. Blunt as the prime movers, grew generally but lacked facilities and a focal point for its interests.

In 1957, the birthplace of the General Sylvanus Thayer was given to the Society. Largely through the efforts of Gilbert L. Bean and the support of the Town Meeting, the 1720 house was moved to its present location in the Town Center in 1958 and dedicated in 1960.

Restored and finished as an outstanding house of the 1785 period, it serves as a museum and the historical center for the town.

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